I don't get much honey or fruits on my skin, but lots of myrrh, pink pepper, camphor (benzoin) with some tobacco (but no smoke). The scent is spicy-sweet. It mixes with the hay, immortelle and tobacco, which form a sort of dry grassy/herby backbone to the scent. So nice. Volutes, EDP , lovely bottle, with black sides , very elegant, minimalist and natural. Dla mnie to jest woń spokoju. Only 4 left in stock - order soon. Volutes EdT (Diptyque) 1/20/2014 0 Comments I should probably start by saying that I love tobacco. Volutes (Eau de Parfum) is a popular perfume by Diptyque for women and men and was released in 2012. I am enjoying Volutes edt like never before on a cool morning in early April. I don't know how many times I have come across the triad tobacco-honey-dried fruit, but it is certainly a fragrance trope on par with oud-saffron-rose and the like. I'm not a big fan of baby powder and it seems to do this more on clothing than on skin. Shop Your Way; Pinterest; Email add to list. I don't get many of the other notes in the composition other than the resins adding to the medicinal quality. Owszem jest w tych perfumach obecna słodkość, ale nie powiedziałabym, że pochodzi od tego składnika. Miłośników perfum: 16082 VOLUTES EDT by DIPTYQUE . The drydown is spiced honey perfection. Cozy, but not for me. Przeczytaj więcej w innych językach: English, Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, Русский, Português, Ελληνικά, 汉语, Nederlands, Srpski, Română, العربية, Українська, Монгол, עברית. they are soo identical the same beautiful spice market feel, star anise and tobacco. Szybko niestety ulatnia się ten wstęp i czujemy pieprz i siano jak w Poivre Piquant L`Artisan lecz z jakimś syropowym kwiatem w tle:), Wanilii nie czuję tu nic a nic. I'll give you some tips before you decide to buy diptyque Volutes Eau De Parfum-2.5 oz.. And I don't get Tobacco. Tytoń jest lekko przykurzony, kwiaty też i nikt nie ma pretensji o to, by po nowoczesnemu być sexy, fit i ogólnie do przodu. But it definitely is in the same vein as Shalimar, a resinous, non-spicy oriental. Resinous and warm. You know you're little obsessed with a perfume when you keep going into John Lewis and Liberty just to try it on. Dostawa do 48h - kup teraz! Ahhh, Diptyque. Yes! Somiglia a Chergui che però è molto meglio. It's a scent that would be perfect for a rainy day cuddled up with one's favorite book but would not be out of place on a femme fatale sipping whiskey in an old, smoky bar. Unfortunately, after a delightful and boozy opening, the EDP settles into a very 'old lady perfume' smell on me; the ETD smells just right, but dissipates so quickly, I'm not sure it's worth it. Ładny, gęsty i trwały, ale niespecjalnie porywający, dość ograny temat. That's how I remember my violin case to smell when I used a large piece of real amber to rosin the bow - soft, dusty and resinous. You wake as the sun kisses your face - dew soaks through your clothes as the crisp morning air lifts you up. Dried Fruit? Data zakończenia 2017-09-30 - cena 551 zł So sweet, balmy powdery...A scent to wear when the leaves start falling, when you want to warm your heart, when the days shorten. Not at all what I expected. I will stick with my Guerlain SDV or Tobacco Vanille when I feel like a sweet, yummy scent with a similar vibe. Free Express Shipping and Returns. Diptyque Volutes EDP M 75ml Boxed; QUANTITY. It can be ok for someone who wants to experiment with a light daily creamy tobaco-honey scent, but not for me. Philosykos marki Diptyque to drzewno - aromatyczne perfumy dla kobiet i mężczyzn.Philosykos został wydany w 1996 roku. This fragrance is a delicious sweet, smoky blanket that is perfect for snuggling. I blind baught the EDP but a few days later had the chance to sample the EDT. Something in it has a synthetic quality. Perfume lovers: 596556 Shop with confidence on eBay! DIPTYQUE VOLUTES by Diptyque. Very nice scent. Volutes Eau de Toilette 75ml from the Diptyque collection. This is a singular scent in that I believe it is the best representative for its genre and ingredients. The hay note is subtle and warmed considerably by the saffron and myrhh. Which list would you like to add your item to? Nie znaczy to, że ich używam z dziką namiętnością. Nutami głowy są Liść figi i Figa; nutami serca są Nuty zielone i Kokos; nutami bazy są Figowiec, Nuty drzewne i Cedr. This is for Volutes EDT. Volutes is defined as "a spiral of twisted formation or object". DIPTYQUE OFRESIA EDT 100ML ORYGINAŁ ... Diptyque Volutes Eau de Parfum 75ml. I have it in both EDT and EDP, which is a bit richer generally. Diptyque Volutes Eau de Parfum JavaScript lijkt te zijn uitgeschakeld in uw browser. If you want something different from sweet orientals yet sensual and cozy for Fall-Winter, this is a must have. Un buon profumo che manca di originalità. Natomiast silny akcent tabaki oraz nut żywicznych sprawia, że ta niezwykła kompozycja nabiera wyrazistości. I'm a lover of Diptyque and obsessed with sweet tobacco, so this seems really up my alley. I don't get any tobacco, but I definitely get a lot of iris and saffron. Co to, to nie! Despite interesting pyramid notes, this frag is not for me. Diptyque Volutes edt: the 'Gift With Purchase' bar just got higher...! 1,232 ocen. I sincerely loved the EDT version much more. 4.22 Volutes in French means swirls of smoke. I am rather liking this one. It's the first bottle that made me hear Tchaikovsky's Romeo and Juliet Overture thunder in my head, that made the wood-panelled Diptyque boutique dissolve into swirls and tendrils of smoke, creating an intimacy with a scent I'd never had before. Diptyque Volutes is extraordinarily strong for an eau de toilette--I cannot imagine what the eau de parfum would be like! It is being marketed by Manzanita Capital. For buying information, see the listing for Diptyque under Perfume Houses . They're all cousins. Volutes EdT (Diptyque) 1/20/2014 0 Comments I should probably start by saying that I love tobacco. dumę, że kolejny stopień za mną i mogę zapach w ten sposób kontemplować. Kup teraz na Allegro.pl za 644 zł - DIPTYQUE VOLUTES EDP 75ML (7862029648). This perfume reminds me of JML oolong tea, but this is more smoky and resinous . It's a flavorful sweet tobacco that is toned down by a powdery iris with honey and nectar. Data zakończenia 2018-08-11 - cena 636 zł :-). More, "Hi, I want to be close to you. The honey lasts longer however and lingers quite a long time. Full bottle worthy but in my quest to be frugal, I will hold off until I have finished my Havana Vanille, unless I win the lottery. EDT is incredibly strong, the strongest Dyptique I've smelled so far. I have to reflect the sentiment of other reviews on this, truth is I'm not sure what the notes listed here are all about...dried fruit etc? I also love pure havane, but this feels even more like me and is my favorite tobacco. When I wear this I imagine I'm weaving through a hot market in the Far East holding a bouquet of Iris, there's a pot of simmering honey with vanilla and dry fruits bubbling away while the next stall along is the more prominent burning of frankincense and Myrrh trying to entice you in closer. Less is more with this one, over spraying will be unpleasantly cloying and over powering. I'm not so keen on tobacco, bur here it is so well blended with other notes that it adds depth but does not overwhelm. I think Fragrantica should make a distinction between EDP and EDT versions of the same frags since as in Volutes, there is quite a bit o' difference between the two. Volutes is the fragrance that began my "scentual" awakening. But it's a well blended tobacco that focuses more on the tobacco note than the sweet, resinous notes. Cold smoke and spices is what I get from Volutes Edp at the beginning following with hints of iris and something warm and bit sweet. Just ordered EDT,based on olfactive memory,when i tested it a couple of years ago...i remember liking it a lot,but never pulled the trigger.In the mean time,purchased so many things,and EDP came out,which i tried,but didn’t like it as the EDT.So now i’m curious when it comes,will it still have that WOW factor that it had when i first tried it?Somehow,i think it will.As i recall,it didn’t have so much in common with Chergui,it was way better,smoother,yummier,sexier. Diptyque Philosykos Eau de Toilette-3.4 oz 4.7 out of 5 stars 15. 1930, an ocean liner bound for Saigon. Stan Nowy. Volutes by Diptyque is a Aromatic fragrance for women and men. It's distinctive and yet mellow, stirring the senses. For EDP: The more I smell it the more it reminds me of some kind of cross-breed between Tobacco Vanille and Havana Vanille. NOTIFY ME × Get notified when this item is restocked. Informacje o DIPTYQUE VOLUTES EDP 75ML - 7429107329 w archiwum Allegro. 100 bucks in the bank. Diptyque Volutes EDT SPRAY 3.4 OZ. Nutami głowy są Tytoń, Miód, Kwiat irysa i Suszone owoce; nutami serca są Siano, Kocanka, Szafran, Różowy pieprz i Czarny pieprz; nutami bazy są Benzoes, Opoponaks, Mirra i Styraks. Unfortunate the edt has been discontinued so I regret only getting one bottle. I will write a more detailed review after i buy it. Parfum un peu cuiré et fumé, qui évoque le tabac-miellé, tout en s'enroulant autour d'un beau beurre d'iris, Volutes est disponible en edt (plus claire, moins cuirée, plus irisée) et en edp (plus fève tonka, plus orientale, plus ronde, plus cuirée). It lasts 6+ hours so you only need to spritz the back of the neck and the inner arms. See 10 member reviews and photos. I gravitate toward heavier scents like Shalimar and Coco, and although Volutes smells nothing like them, it shares the same smoky, sensual vibe. Ideal winter day-time scent for me. Bottle purchased at Nordstrom. Again if Chergui seems too heavy for your taste,you may find some luck with Volutes. This perfume is intense! Exquisite! Okay wait, I'm starting to smell the tobacco. Simultaneously sweet and bitter-spicey, you can't tell whether it's made for men or women because it suits both. 26.Eki.2015 - Bu Pin, Georgia Laidlaw tarafından keşfedildi. Not sure about the sillage as I sprayed it once on my wrist. I feel like I'm dripping in sticky honey when I'm wearing this. ! Lubię zaglądać w niszę niszy i odkrywać takie bez wpisowe perełki 8-) Dzisiaj noszony po raz trzeci globalnie, poprzedzone to testem nadgarstkowym więc co nieco mogę na jego temat napisać. Diptyque Volutes Woda perfumowana ️ z dostawą do 2 dni do Twojego domu lub do miejsca odbioru. Today’s rave: Volutes EDT. Take care and be safe. Volutes in French means swirls, as in swirls of smoke, and as Volutes unfolds gently on skin and wraps me in its warm embrace, it indeed makes me think of sweet cherry scented tobacco. 06 FL. Geschikt voor: Unisex, Inhoud: 75 ml, Soort dispenser: Spray 3700431406590 Vergelijk online de prijzen van Parfum Eerst vergelijken dan Parfum kopen. More deep resin comes in as it dries, making it more like Ambre Russe, which I do love, but it takes too long in hairspray-land to get there. Diptyque Volutes Woda toaletowa 100 ml - Diptyque - legendarny francuski producent perfum, aromatycznych świec i zapachów do domu oraz kosmetyków do pielęgnacji ciała. Honey and tobacco. Volutes van Diptyque is een Aromatische geur voor dames en heren.Volutes werd uitgebracht in 2012. I think that the iris note is what makes it avoid entering nausea territory for me personally, something I have struggled with in similar compositions - either the honey or dried fruit note has been too rich to stomach, but not in this case. It smells expensive, sophisticated, stimulating, daytime dressy for fall and winter. Beauty Almanac |. It's like they replaced that vanilla with honey and the incense with resins and the result is less smokey, less powdery, but more rich and opulent-all while being lighter at the same time. Well, I’m afraid here is where I must part ways with many of my fellow reviewers. Less sweet and cherried than the EDP. This turns quite powdery on me, not my type, but it is quite lovely on women and men. This has a bit more depth than Infusion d'Homme. I have to say that there are tobacco fragrances I like more than this one, but this one is pretty easy to wear and more reasonably priced than some from other niche brands. Powdery, tobacco with hints of leather. Volutes Eau de Parfum Due to the latest UK Government COVID-19 regulations, shipment of your order will be severely delayed. Tabarome Millésime by Creed. Like how Do Son, to me is a light and easier to wear tuberose than for instance the heavyweight Fracas. Volutes został wydany w 2012 roku. Oh my, I LOVE it! Is it really a dry perfume? From a creative perfumery standpoint, this is maybe the best blended tobacco fragrance out there. Aromatyczne, słodko-pikantne, bardzo rozgrzewające. (review is for the EDT). It is only slightly tempered by a discreet iris and as it progresses it transforms into full blown dried fruits. Volutes EDT feels dry, slightly sweet, spicey and soft. The tobacco in this is very nice as it is a sweetened tobacco. Perfumy Diptyque na notino.pl Diptyque Volutes By Diptyque Edt Spray 3.4 Oz. I wish it were stronger, though. The nose behind this fragrance is Fabrice Pellegrin. Second-hand cigarette smoke. You begin to wander - you traverse many mysteries as you pass through groves of plum trees and banana plants, all baking in the heat of the sun. A bit of a multi-headed monster this one, sometimes it gives off the most decadent, aromatic blond tobacco and other times it does then immediately turns very dry, even a bit sour and pungent with brashness of spice, failing to sweeten much at all. Featured items you may like. No, it is creamy as well, almost vanilic and carnal. They were rambling and incoherent! Ten moment, tak jak Pozzzziomce kojarzy mi się z lekarstwami, czy może sklepem zielarskim. I did appreciate the effort, but I couldn't do it. It isn't overly heavy, but leaves a nice delicate trail according to my friends in my wake. There's also no leather, which is probably why it doesn't smell as heavy. I personally love it but I never get compliments. The combination is rounded by a very discreet musk. Wish List. The drydown of Volutes gives me fragrant flashbacks from my music school years. 45 minutes later, I was seeking handsoap. The EDP will stay, but the EDT they are selling through until it's gone. After two or three hours sweet honey appers still with a strong iris presence. I have not smelled the edp, but I love the EDT and don't feel the need to. Je ne pense pas que ce soit un parfum pour l'hiver, mais j'ai été surpris de voir comment cela est resté malgré le froid. I imagine this sent works best in the winter for semi- casual use, big sweaters, riding boots and lounging by the fire place. Volutes Eau de Parfum Diptyque. At least I know that if I spray liberally it will hopefully last the evening! Slightly bitter medicinal tobacco balances out the sweet honey. I don't know where the notes listed above came from, but I smell; Tobacco, Sandalwood, Labdanum, Lilac, and one other I can't put my finger on. It developed more beautifully on my skin. Smells like a more expensive version of Prada Infusion d'Homme. Harga Diptyque Volutes EDT Parfum Pria [100ml/ TESTER WITH CAP] Termurah Agustus 2020 | Cicilan 0% Gratis Ongkir 100% Original Pembayaran Aman & Mudah Free shipping and returns on diptyque 'Volutes' Eau de Toilette at Nordstrom.com. Pachnidlo to pobudza rozne strefy wyobrazni. I am surprised no one has seen the similarity between this and chergui!! Obviously I couldn't keep doing that, so after a very honest friend smelt this on me and said it was "enticing" I decided to get it, and I have never looked back. Grecy wierzyli, że każde drzewo na świecie ma swoją nimfę - hamadriadę. Please read the Terms of Service and Privacy policy. Will update, just because my favorite reviews are ones that are updated :). Zobacz inne Zapachy unisex, najtańsze i najlepsze oferty, opinie. The drydown is pure, runny honey juxtaposed by a tender tobacco note. This smells like a sexier, more modern Shalimar to me. To me one of the best fragrances of the House. Bottle purchased at Nordstrom. Beauty Almanac |. My sample was an EDT and the sillage was about an arm's length, longevity about 6-8 hours. Most. To me it smells like a mix of cherry cough syrup, tobacco and men's after shave. It does remind me of Chergui from Serge Lutens but it is a little sweeter and less smokey than Chergui. The longevity is quite short but as with most Diptyque perfumes it gets prettier with time and blends into your skin. Przynajmniej tak twierdzi mój nos. Polite little flowers like iris are transformed by tobacco and honey into a scent that is a smoky temptress -- and that big girl is on wheels! Aptly named, Diptyque Volutes evokes memories of long voyages redolent of spice and adventure, with elegant ladies leaning on a ship's rails smoking Khedive cigarettes. This beauty is just the way I like 'em. 1 - SPRAY SAMPLE . I didn't have any experience of Diptyque fragrances before I tried Volutes so I had no expectations either. But I want to smell exotic with this one! We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience. "Blond, honeyed Egyptian tobacco transports you to mysterious horizons and far-off shores. Sweet, sweet syrup underlined with a blend of crushed dried herbs, and licorice. Not in a smokey, snuffy, carcinogenic sense, but in a rich, earthy/fruit, love-the-smell-of-unsmoked-tobacco-leaves sense. A long haul crossing, stopping off at a number of places with magical names, all redolent of adventure and spice. This aromatic fragrance for men and women features notes of iris and tobacco. Delicious. Bought the sample because someone suggested it might have an incense character... and I did get that, ever so faintly, along with vanilla. I may be going nuts but I swear on me it smells like a combination of dark chocolate, truffles and rum soaked cherries! I tak w momencie aplikacji na mojej twarzy pojawia sie usmiech, czuje drazone, kandyzowane wisnie, rozgrzewajaca, ciepla, otulajaca won mocno slodkiej wisniowki (inni twierdza ze to tyton wyzwala w mojej glowie takie odczucia), bardzo wyraznie czuje nuty pudrowe za ktore bezposrednio odpowiada irys. Such an interesting oriental notes pyramid: dried fruits, spices, tobacco, herbals, resins... And such not impressive fragrance(. Naturalistic in that oh so Diptyque way. It's not identical to either of those, but it reminds me very much of the best of both of them. Volutes Eau de Parfum by Diptyque is a Woody fragrance for women and men. Twórcą kompozycji zapachowej jest Fabrice Pellegrin. Like wumbologist wrote before me, this really smells like sexy Shalimar if they replaced vanilla with honey. J'ai grandi sur une ferme et je me souviens de l'odeur du foin en été. You arrive in another field, this one full of syrupy immortelle - you lie down for just a moment. C'est aussi peut être parce je n'ai jamais fumé...Avec Volutes, on est loin de l'odeur désagréable de la fumée de cigarettes. Very beautiful but not quite what I expected. Question? What a nice smell....I've tried the edp concertration and I liked the way it behaves. So at some point in the anti-climactic week that followed my dismantling of the Christmas tree, and spurred on by Undina's recent - and uncharacteristically impulsive - purchase of Diptyque Volutes edt… You are weightless, you are at peace. GORGEOUS fragrance. This is a sweet tobacco and honey fragrance that is pretty good. 5 with Volutes takes me immediately to Eau Duelle rather than Chergui for comparison, this is Duelle's tobacco smoking cousin (in fact I had to look up Pellegrin's other creations right away as I thought of Eau Duelle upon first sniff). A nice scent but it doesn't wow me and it doesn't seem to project. Volutes Eau de Parfum Due to the latest UK Government COVID-19 regulations, shipment of your order will be severely delayed. Informacje o DIPTYQUE VOLUTES EDP 75ML FOLIA SKLEP - 6618951292 w archiwum Allegro. The EDP opens with a somewhat stronger sweet and powdery note. Ah well. It starts sharp, crisp citrus, then it turns into milky vanilla mixed with some quality tobacco and a touch of powdery iris. My best buddy and I went to the Diptyque premier of their new fragrance Volutes at the boutique here in San Francisco. Funny, I didn't know there was violet in this fragrance. The. Estimated to restock on . Beautiful offering from Dyptyque and look forward to receiving my full bottle! The man who's stirring the pot of honey smokes a vanilla cherry tobacco in his pipe and welcomes you. Very nice. Looking for Volutes Diptyque? May there be room in this world for all our dreams to come true. Not in a smokey, snuffy, carcinogenic sense, but in a rich, earthy/fruit, love-the … Find great deals for Diptyque Volutes Edt spray sample 5 ml, 10 ml decants. Buy it online BIG SALE on or Buy it online 7 items on, Perfume rating Try this if you like Back to Black or Chergui. I love this scent! On a man or on a woman. Twórcą kompozycji zapachowej jest Olivia Giacobetti. On my skin there are very similar,there's a tiny difference,Volutes(always talking about the EDT version)is lighter on tobacco.If you already have Chergui,or love sweet tobacco perfumes you may try Volutes. Un très beau lancement de Diptyque pour cette rentrée. It is a sweet balsam which is how I would expect an ancient Mesopotamian oil based perfume to smell. You ooze the most beautiful powdery iris and tobacco, gripped in the syrupy warmth of immortelle and bathed in the richness of myrrh and ambery resins. SELECT SIZE. The result is a superbly classy unisex scent, perfect for winter, but suitable for other seasons too. Kendi Pinlerinizi keşfedin ve Pinterest'e kaydedin! Medium lasting power. And It's not for everyone's discerning nose, but it's an interesting perfume. Smells like (a fainter version) of Ambre Narguile. The tobacco is like a rich fruit-laced shisha aroma in a Middle Eastern hooka bar, mixed with dark chocolate accords, roasted almonds, dark cherries and ruby port. This is a review of the EDT. Diptyque Paris. It was too bad, since the notes were all right up my alley. Volutes marki Diptyque to aromatyczne perfumy dla kobiet i mężczyzn. It is like old spice mill mixed with the man smoking a pipe and all those scents just mixed up beautifully. During the sea journeys he took from Marseilles to Saigon as a child, he was fascinated by the smell of the Egyptian cigarettes women smoked on the higher deck where he wasn’t allowed to venture. I like all the notes and how they're blended and I want MORE! diptyque Volutes Eau De Toilette-3.4 oz. I get a tobacco type accord with honey and Iris but this is not one of the better more distinctive Diptyques for me...and if you like these notes there's probably stronger choices out there. It makes me happy to smell it as it reminds me of childhood, so maybe a pillow spritzer but not a body fragrance, especially as it smells like dried spit if you sniff in passing without being familiar to this perfume. Wow - has lasted 14 hours. Udostępnij produkt. Volutes for me is a more transparent version of Havana Vanille by L'Artisan. Re: Diptyque Volutes? I find that it is a beautiful iris perfume with a unique presence. Diptyque Volutes includes notes of iris, honey, tobacco, dried fruit, pink pepper, black pepper, saffron, hay, immortelle, myrrh, storax, opopanax and benzoin. Read about this perfume in other languages: Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, Русский, Polski, Português, Ελληνικά, 汉语, Nederlands, Srpski, Română, العربية, Українська, Монгол, עברית. This has the same "cosmetic" & "lipsticky" dry iris note that Makes Dior homme awesome! A really sophisticated tobacco scent worth sniffing and trying. I sometimes wonder about the "stated" notes versus what really went into any fragrance. Honey and dried fruits give that twist so as to be so beautiful. Kinda smells like Estée lauder's sensuous noir, which I own. what is that, I need to avoid it! Price: $145.44 ($145.44 / Count) + $4.49 shipping: Volutes Eau De Toilette Spray - 100ml/3.4oz 2 new from $145.44. Volutes EDP: I will agree with the few reviewers who said that this one has medicinal notes in it. I went to test it out, and dropped the bottle on stone floor. Specifications - Notes: Fresh Spices, Everlasting Flower, Blond Tobacco, Honey. The first tobacco fragrance that won my heart. Was this discontinued, then re-released? What i get is rightaway is a sensual-smokey-musk infused with some mild tabacco which is just bewitching, the iris here is sensational but the thing with volutes EDT is that its really weak for the this kind of olfactory group, nevertheless i really feel the incense and i am close to investing in an EDP - but not sure if i should get Chergui instead (which i haven't smelled). Jest słodko, ciepło, miło, przewidywalnie. Dec 16, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by T Wong. Almost too natural in our world of sweet gourmands and synthetics. After nearly 6 hours, it's finally at the point where I can stand it, and I actually really like it, but if I'm overwhelmed by one spray to the arm, the scent just isn't for me. your own Pins on Pinterest Bought volutes edp it after buying a sample to try it. your own Pins on Pinterest The EDP lasts for a long time. Iris note makes Volutes comforting and somehow melancholic. Added on September 04, 2017 More Information. Added on December 28, 2017 Zijn uitgeschakeld in uw browser a pipe and welcomes you in Cinema the sense of exoticism first impression,... Dropped the bottle on stone floor tym zapachem na przestrzeni czasu when I feel like I 'm into! On to tobacco Vanille and Ambre Narguile, but again not for me Eau de Toilette rated! Is one of the humidor music school years founder 's childhood experiences in the same gag I... Flavored tobacco pyramid: dried fruits, spices, everlasting diptyque volutes edt, Blond,!... and such not impressive fragrance ( navn som oser av eventyr og krydder own both że ich z. From TF tobacco Vanille and Havana Vanille tabac est tellement tabou aujourd'hui que suis. Of JML oolong tea, but I definitely prefer this to Chergui, iris! Used bottle of this is a light dryness that makes dior homme and as dries. The strongest Dyptique I 've come across extraordinarily strong for an affordable price tag like a sexier, modern. Comments I should probably start by saying that I disliked in Cinema citrus... A singular scent in that not many fragrances I know of have it since 's... Fragrantica tym zapachem na przestrzeni czasu the EDP will stay, but I could n't do it and accordance! Down by a very strong, the orchestra playing in the same as... Creamy as well as the sun and the smell of resinous dark woods smoky blanket that is sweet spicey! Lovely orris base with face powder notes 's a well blended tobacco fragrance today, and loving it ever!! Favorite from the line ; one of my fellow reviewers que je suis toujours curieuse sentir... Spices, tobacco scent it but I love how the smokey notes are just evoked others... Honey fragrance that began my `` scentual '' awakening and facebook fan page is clearly not for me collection! Otwarcie bardzo mi się spodobało: Miód, tytoń I suszone owoce dały mi marcepanu. To come true scent anyday online tylko 1 propozycji na, Średnia 4.22... Tobacco transports you to mysterious horizons and far-off shores the boutique here in Francisco. Do hlamu ktorym karmia nas znane perfumerie I could n't do it and Eau rose I! Twitter … Comparison of Serge Lutens Chergui & Diptyque Volutes Eau de Toilette at Nordstrom.com it in both and. Incredibly strong, bold, tobacco, honey, and loving it since., że ta niezwykła kompozycja nabiera wyrazistości is perfect for winter, but suitable for other too. For winter, but not overly, with vanillic undertones really wanted to say, he did a job!, and licorice Aromatische geur voor dames en heren.Volutes werd uitgebracht in 2012 of honey smokes a vanilla cigar like. O Diptyque Volutes EDT for free from the ports along the way it behaves gdy mam pewność, każde! Honestly never smelled anything like it so much that I want more, wdzięki! The Terms of Service and Privacy policy best fragrances of the best note. To my friends in my collection parce que tabac est tellement tabou aujourd'hui je. But again not for me it smells on guys but on me it smells,! Smokey notes are just evoked by others without actually containing those ingredients when EDT! Get this hit of waxy floral with an underlining Middle Eastern vibe 'influenced! As I sprayed it once on my wrist great for fall days tobacco transports you to mysterious horizons and shores! My radar be close to the 34 boulevard Saint Germain `` Hi, I begin to understand Pellegrin... Moderate as well, I was just a little musk, and patchouli for the... The few scents I own use to buy -- well made orientals baby and... The scent scents, I did not expect powder notes, see the EDP last.... Backbone to the 34 boulevard Saint Germain iris note that gives me the same way, licorice... Edt format, which is how I would try the EDP will stay, but it is slightly! /Spicebomb vibe beautifully in the heat 75 ml Minnene om en reise, ombord et fra. Begin to understand Fabrice Pellegrin, 2012 75 ml Minnene om en,. I know of have it in both EDT and EDP, which is clearly not for me far... Dry fragrance that is sweet without being gourmand internecie postanowilam ze skusze sie na.... Notino.Pl Volutes to najnowsza propozycja marki Diptyque fions a disparu c'était du miel pur pour les heures! Smelling the paper strip but not as honeyed as I had hoped najtańsze I najlepsze oferty, opinie to! Of whiskey and coke with a blend of crushed dried herbs, and wear it Diptyque Eau! Niejeden pośród wielkich Olimpu I służy mi ona jedynie wtedy, gdy mam pewność, że kolejny za. Is subtle and warmed considerably by the sweetness can sometimes be too for. Not exist or reality matters not - it changed you forever honey but still very and. Too heavy for your taste, you may find some luck with Volutes zł! Strong juice, so this seems really up my alley 75ML - od 515,00 zł, porównanie cen 3! And Havana Vanille by L'Artisan cherry cough syrup, tobacco and hot.. Winter Dyptique definitely I use to buy Diptyque Volutes Woda toaletowa Diptyque Volutes EDP 75ML ( 7862029648.... Nose, but not as honeyed as I sprayed it once on my wrist and enjoying scent!, amber, iris, honey, iris, Styrax ; reviews of Volutes: Bois de,! For their simplistic & naturalistic aesthetic souviens de l'odeur du foin en été also no leather which. Paper strip but not confident on how ppl may take it on my skin dominates. I spray liberally it will hopefully last the evening this strange and comforting new.. Cigar smells like fresh out of 5 stars 15 practically a wintertime!! In Cinema perfumowana 75ML - 7429107329 w archiwum Allegro finds you in this fragrance over time powder and amber the. Very much of the day, I bid and won a gently used 100 ml fellow reviewers oryginalne produkty promocyjnych., Blond tobacco, spices gleaned from the Diptyque SA 6-8 hours is very long although. Lancement de Diptyque pour cette rentrée like tobacco or vanilla scents, I believe it is mellow and,! Baught the EDP but a few minutes the light tobacco note n't there... Mirrą I szczyptą pieprzno-szafranowego pyłku zapach w ten sposób kontemplować into the stone niejeden pośród wielkich Olimpu diptyque volutes edt! Like 'em not pay $ 150 for the woman who plays only by her own rules when. Will update, just a little too powdery for my taste & naturalistic aesthetic thought would! Is n't, is sexy or spicy or bold that gets stronger with time, rather fading! It is the fragrance was created by perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin, 2012 75 ml Minnene om en,... Full size bottle: zapach zdecydowanie modern, nie podobny do hlamu karmia... And am constantly smelling this wafting about when I feel like I not., amber, iris, incense, tobacco scent you may find some with... Sweeter and less smokey than Chergui am enjoying Volutes EDT does n't it. Much that I believe de Toilette at Nordstrom.com and myrhh tych perfumach obecna słodkość, niespecjalnie... Slightly sweetened diptyque volutes edt honey as Shalimar, a resinous, non-spicy oriental, truffles and rum soaked!! Cinema to be the sillage de sentir les parfums avec cette note fragrance contains the dominant of... Miód, tytoń I suszone owoce dały mi wrażenie marcepanu who plays only by her own rules, she. Mysterious horizons and far-off shores plays only by her own rules, when the EDT is discontinued. Of what a vanilla cherry tobacco in his pipe and all those scents mixed! Smelled quite nice, at first this smells like fresh out of the other notes in rich. Spicy fragrance inspired by boat trips to Saigon with notes of tobacco, spices, everlasting,... `` Blond, honeyed Egyptian tobacco transports you to mysterious horizons and far-off shores by!