The fern is a plant that can grow in harsh conditions and represents strength and pulling through challenges in life. The ancient Egyptians in the North and the Ashantis in the West are some of the communities that had elaborate symbols and tattoos with deeper cultural meaning. To Pākehā (New Zealanders of non-Māori descent), the fern symbolised their sense of attachment to their homeland. Blossoming with flowers or not, ferns are very symbolic plants. Check out the exclusive rewards, here. In the past, Ta Moko tattoos traditionally represented particular Maori tribes but for those of different heritage/ancestry – this is not the case. If you happen to watch WWE, the Oklahoma City Thunder or even just glimpsed at The Rock, you may have noticed those enchanting black patterns adorning the bodies of some of them. Jan 29, 2016 - Explore Teddy DePalo's board "Fern Tattoo" on Pinterest. Fearne Cotton has a tattoo covering the top of her right foot and up along the inside of her ankle. Another fantastic fern leaf tattoo on the right rib cage by Olga Nekrasova Fern has an essential meaning in ancient Baltic mythology. <<. The most popular and common color for fern tattoos is a green one, so you can ask your tattoo artist to make a green fern leaf tattoo on your forearms or legs (if you wanna more colors, then add a colorful background). When she’s not writing, you can find Kelly wandering around Paris, whether she’s leading a tour (as a guide, she has been interviewed by BBC World News America and. /*
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